Car Central Locking System & Gear Lock

Car Central Locking

These days car theft cases are higher than ever, give your car an excellent protection with the only reliable anti-theft device. Car central locking system ensures the best guarantee to protect your car from different kinds of theft cases. It is a car security device that offers excellent protection to your car. A car with central locking security system helps the user to lock and unlock doors at the press of a button.

  • Remote operated central door locking/ unlocking.
  • Indication of open door with flash.
  • Manual center door locking/ unlocking.
  • Visible lock/unlock indicator to show the right status.
  • Indication of open door at the time of arming the system.
  • Remote panic with siren chirp and light flash.
  • Separate buttons for door locking/ unlocking.
  • Silent arm and disarm.
  • Auto re-arming.
  • Reverse beeper.
  • Reverse beeper mute facility.

Car Gear lock is operated manually to lock the gear shift lever, (preferably in reverse gear) thus rendering it immobile.

RD Central Locking

RD Security System

Om Car Accessories sell Cental Locking of RD company. It comes with 3 years of warranty. As this is product by RajatDeep, an reliable brand in India for a long time, you will get service very easily.

RD Central Locking comes with 2 remotes having all the required features that is necessary for the safety of your car. Same is fitted by company's trained engineers.

You will be given Warantty card along with the bill of the same.

Cross Link Security System

Crosslink Wheels Security System

Crosslink provides car seurity system with variety of remote designs and of chrome also. These comes with 3 years warranty and are installed by company engineers only.

It provides all the basic features like car lock/unlock, car finder, digi lock, reverse siren, reverse siren on-off facility from remote which makes it best for all cars. Service provided by this company is also appreciable.

Qubo DashCam

Qubo Dash Cam

Nowadays, Dashcam has become one of the essential accessories for every car. It not only provides video evidence against car accidents but helps you during incorrect challans and also provides proof to claim insurance. Qubo Dashcam provides Superior video quality to capture high-quality videos in extremely high/low light conditions.Qubo Dashcam Pro has built-in GPS which accurately records your driving location and speed. You can view your driving route and speed using the QuboPro App once the vehicle is back from the trip.

Car GPS Tracker

Car GPS Tracker

Real Time GPS Based Vehicle Tracking is the need of the today for cars remote Monitoring & Security. Live Vehicle Tracking gives you real time updates, allowing you to get the latest tracking information on your vehicles. Enterprise Maps by Google- API for commercial use that gives accurate location details of vehciles. These are easy to install & Easy to use For monitoring, control and recovery of Stolen Vehicles

Car GPS Tracker



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